Maximum Database Storage capacity in D365 BC SAAS or Cloud

Maximum Database Storage capacity in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will discuss, “Storage limitation in D365 BC SAAS”.

(2) In Business Central, customers can use up to 80 GB of database storage capacity across all their environments (production and sandbox). This limit means that the sum of database capacity usage across all of their environments must not exceed 80 GB. If a tenant exceeds this limit, Microsoft restricts administrative actions that create additional environments. Exceeding the storage limit will not interrupt transaction processing within the existing environments as shown.

storage in business central

(3) However, once the capacity limits are exceeded, the customers won’t be able to create new environments or copy their existing environments until the storage used by the existing environments is decreased to fit the quota or additional capacity is purchased. These operations will also be blocked for the customers who have more environments than they’re entitled to, according to their subscription and purchased environment add-ons.

(4) Apart from the default storage, the customer has additional storage capacity based on the number of Business Central licenses, as shown.

Additional storage in d365 bc

(5) Purchase of Storage: Customers can purchase additional database capacity and environments through their reselling partner as shown.

Purchase of storage in business central

(6) Storage usage by environment: The Storage usage by environment section of the Capacity page provides a tenant-level view of where your organization is using storage capacity as shown.

storage capacity usage in d365 bc

(7) Note: When you uninstall extensions, you have a choice of deleting or leaving the extension data in the database. If you decide not to delete the data when uninstalling extensions, this data will be counted in the overall database storage you use.

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