Overview of Assembly Management in Business Central

Assembly Management in Business Central:

(1) In this blog we will get to know about the Assembly Management functionality in the BC D365, It is mainly used in cases where companies can supply products by combining components. Assembly Orders are just like Production Orders.

Assembly Management in D365 BC

(2) To use this feature, follow the below steps:

(a) In Item Master: Replenishment System must be “Assembly”.

Replenishment System D365 BC

(b) In Item Master: Assembly Policy must have value. There are two ways to create Assembly Orders.

Assemble-to-Order: Uses of option

  • Customize assembly items when taking a sales order.
  • Overview of availability of the assembly item and its components.
  • Reserve assembly components immediately to guarantee order fulfillment.
  • Combine inventory quantities with assemble-to-order quantities.
Assemble-to-Order D365 BC

Assemble-to-Stock: Use of this option

  • Use the assemble-to-stock process for items that you assemble and store for future sales.
  • The items are picked and processed as single items and are treated as finished production items.
Assemble-to-Stock in D365 BC
Assembly Policy Business Central

(c) In Item Master: Define Assembly BOM.

Assembly BOM in business central

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