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Publish an Extension in Production Environment of D365 BC SAAS Version

Publish an Extension in Production Environment of D365 BC SAAS Version:

(1) In this blog we will get to know about the deployment or publish an extension in the production environment.

(2) For this open Visual Studio and select the app.json file, as shown.

open app.json in d365 bc

(3) After that, update the “Version”. As shown. Note: id, name, publisher & version must be unique.  

app json file updated in Visual Studio

Note: It is mandatory, every time you must change the version while publishing the extension in the production environment, otherwise application throws an error for the existing version, as shown.

app json updation error

(4) Now, first publish the extension in the selected sandbox environment (Short-key is F5) and then create the “AL Package” of that extension (Ctrl+P→ >Al:Package) and entered, as shown.

al package extension

(5) After that, the package is created, as shown.

The package is created for app json

(6) Now open the Production environment of D365 BC and open the “Extension Management” page, as shown.

Production Environment of D365 BC

(7) After that, follow the sequence: Manage→ Upload Extension, as shown.

Click on Upload Extension in D365 BC

(8) After selecting the Upload Extension option, a new page opens, as shown.

  • Enter the path of the package that you have created via AL.
  • Accept the privacy policy and the disclaimer.
  • Press the button Deploy.
Upload and Deploy Extension in D365 BC

(9) After that, the pop window shows with a message, and press “OK”, as shown.

Extension deployment is in progress

(10) After some time, you will see the effect of extension in your production environment. If you want to know about the status of package, go to the “Extension Management” page and select the option “Installation Status”, as shown.

Installation Status

(11) New Page opens with a detailed summary of the Extension with its current status. Note: Some time status does not update, and for that use the refresh button.

Extension Installation Setup

(12) After that, your updated extension with the current version is visible in the “Extension Management” list, as shown.

Installed Extension

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