Continue Statement in C Language

Continue Statement in C Language:

(1) The continue is another jump statement like the break statement as both the statements skip over a part of the code. But the continue statement is somewhat different from the break. Instead of forcing termination, it forces the next iteration of the loop to take place, skipping any code in between.

(2) Sample C language code and its output, as shown:

Sample C language code for Continue Statement
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
//BREAK Statement
int main()
int x;
for (x = 0; x < 20; x++)
if (x == 15) {  //skip 15 number from loop when x = 15
printf(“%d\n”, x);
return 0;

(3) After that go to the “Build” menu and select the “Build” option for publishing the code as shown.

click on build button for continue statement in C

(4) After building the code, press the “Run” button, as shown.

Click on Run button for continue statement in C

(5) After pressing the “run” button, the output screen is opened, as shown.

Continue Statement Output in C

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