DO WHILE Loop in C Language

DO WHILE Loop in C Language:

(1) Unlike the for and while loops, the do-while is an exit-controlled loop i.e. it evaluates its test-expression at the bottom of the loop after executing its loop-body statements. This means that a do-while loop always executes at least once. In other two loops for and while, the test-expression is evaluated at the beginning of the loop i.e. before executing the loop-body. If the test-expression evaluates to false for the first time itself, the loop is never executed. But in some situations, it is wanted that the loop-body is executed at least once, no matter what the initial state of the test-expression is. In such cases, the do-while loop is the obvious choice.

(2) Sample C language code and its output, as shown:

Sample C language code for do-while loop
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
//Table of 2 using for loop
int main()
  int x;
  int i;
  i = 0;
  x = 1;
    i = i + 2;
    printf(“2 * %d = %d \n”,x,i);
while (x <= 10);
  return 0;

(3) After that go to the “Build” menu and select the “Build” option for publishing the code as shown.

click on build button for do-while loop

(4) After building the code, press the “Run” button, as shown.

click on run button to execute do-while loop in c

(5) After pressing the “run” button, the output screen is opened, as shown.

For loop code ouput obtained in c

DO WHILE Loop Syntax:

do  {
  //write logic
While (condition)

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