How to see Item Inventory by using Item By Location in D365 BC

See Item Inventory by using Item By Location in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will get to know about the “Item By Location” feature for a check on inventory in company locations.

(2) For this go to the search bar and type “Items” and select, as shown.

search items in search bar in bc dd365

(3) After that, the Item list page opens, as shown.

Item list page open in d365 bc

(4) Now “Item By Location” feature is available in the Related menu on both the list and card page. In this blog, I am using this feature from Item Card, for this click on the item from the list, and the Card of that item opens, as shown.

Business Central Item Card

(5) Now go to the “Related” menu button and select the option “Availability” “Item By Location”, as shown.

items by location in business central

(6) After doing the above step, the “Item by Location” list opens. In that list, you will find the inventory of all Item Location wise, as shown.

  • Show Item in Transit If the button enables, then it gives information about the in-transit location.
Items by location in bc d365
  • Show Column Name → If the button enables, then it gives the name of the location.
Show column name in d365 bc
  • By default viewà w/o any filter.
Item Inventory by using Item By Location in D365 BC

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