How to Check Installed and Uninstalled Extension in D365 BC

Check Installed and Uninstalled Extension in D365 BC:

Introduction of “Extension Management”: In Microsoft Business Central D365, all developments are deployed in the form of extensions. Microsoft provides the feature of installing and uninstalling the extensions in the “Extension Management List”. Let’s overview the functionality in the below steps:

(1) Open D365 BC in the browser and find “Extension Management” in the search bar, as shown.

search extension management in business central

(2) After selecting the “Extension Management”, a list of all extensions is open. As shown.

list of all extension open in business central

(3) After that, the above screen shows that which extension is installed or uninstalled. Now if you want to install or uninstall the extension, follow the below step (click on the assist button following option is display. Choose an appropriate option as per the requirement.), as shown.

Show which extension is installed or uninstalled in d365

(4) In this way, extensions are installed and uninstalled. There is another way to open “Extension Management List”, as shown.

advanced settings also contain extension management list in d365

(5) Window opens and select option as shown.

extension list in advanced settings in bc d365

(6) List will open, as shown.

extension list open in d365 bc

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