Creation and Usage of FilterPageBuilder in BC D365

FilterPageBuilder in BC D365:

(1) “FilterPageBuilder” is used for applying filters on a particular table. Pages are generated at runtime.

(2) FilterPageBuilder is DATATYPE. You can define it in variables.

(3) Let’s take an example. Create a Filter page and it’s open when “Item List Page” is open.

(4) Create Item List Page extension and write “FilterPageBuilder” logic in the “OnOpenPage” trigger as shown.

FilterPageBuilder logic in Business Central

(5) After doing the above step, publish the code and open the “Item List” page in the BC D365 web client as shown.

open Item List page in business central

(6) After selecting the Item list from the search bar, Item Filter Page opens first and display the apply filter. * You can change the filter accordingly, press ok and “Item List” opens according to the assigned filter as shown.

Item list open according to assign filter in business central

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