Creation and Usage of Temporary Table in BC D365

Temporary Table in BC D365:

(1) Temporary table is used as buffer storage or data compile in its own format.

(2) The difference between Temporary Table and Normal Table is that the Temporary table is not stored in a database. It is only held in memory until the table is closed.

(3) The advantage of the Temporary table is that it is only used memory and fast the execution process because it uses BC D365 memory. It increases the performance of the code or programming.

(4) There are three ways to implement “Temporary Table”.

  • TableType property in Table object is set to “Temporary”.
  • Record Variable set as “Temporary”.
  • SourceTableTemporary on page.

Set “Temporary” in Table property, as shown:

Set Temporary in Table property in bc d365

Define as record variable in an object as shown:

Define as record variable in an object in bc 365

Setting in Page, as shown:

Setting in Page in Business Central

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