Microsoft Introduces Windows App for D365 BC

Microsoft Introduces Windows App for D365 BC:

(1) Microsoft developed Windows Application for running D365 BC. It is easy for customers to use with a single click, as shown.

Business Value for Windows App for D365 BC

(2) To install Business Central as an app from the browser, select Install on the address bar or menu of your modern browser as shown.

install Business Central as an app from the browser

(3) After installation, the Desktop icon is created, as shown.

Business Central desktop icon

(4) Click on the Icon, D365 BC opens, and start working. There is no need to open a browser and enter the URL for running D365 BC as shown.

Business Central Admin Opens

(5) This feature, based on the Progressive Web App technology, gives you an easy-to-access tile on your desktop that can be pinned to the Start menu or taskbar, or even launched as default when the system starts up.

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Introduce updated desktop installable app– Microsoft Docs

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