Viewing Table data directly from the Web Client in D365 BC

Viewing Table data:

For viewing table objects directly from the Web Client with data in all rows and columns of a specific table including additional fields added by AL extension, you have to follow the below steps-

(1) Add “table=<TableID>” parameter to the client’s address. For example- table=18 (36 number is “Sales Header” table id).

(2) If URL is http://localhost:8080/BC180/, viewing table Sales Header (36) in current company, write the following URL:


viewing table Sales Header in current company
Business Central Sales Header

or For specific company :

specific company url for sales header in bc d365
specific company sales header in Business Central

(3) Remember, “&” when table<TableID> is not located directly after the domain name.

(4) User must have READ permission on the table.

(5) Table appears as read-only in the Web Client.

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