Transfer Order Posting Without Using In-transit Location in D365 BC

Transfer Order Posting Without Using In-transit Location in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog we get to know about the new feature in Transfer Order i.e. posting without using an in-transit location. In the previous version, In-transit location was mandatory at the time of posting the transfer order but in the new version, Microsoft provides an option to skip in-transit location at the time of posting.

(2) For this, open the Transfer Order, as shown.

transfer order d365 bc

(3) In that card, there is a field Direct Transfer Specifies that the transfer does not use an in-transit location. When you transfer directly, the Qty. to Receive field will be locked with the same value as the quantity to ship.  In the below image, find the difference, as shown.

transfer order enable direct transfer d365 bc

(4) After enabling the Direct Transfer option, post the Transfer Order and see the effect in the Item Ledger Entries, as shown.

item ledger entries d365 bc

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