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New Fields add in Report using Extension in D365 BC

New Fields add in Report using Extension in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will learn how to add a new field to the existing report by using the report extension feature of Business Central D365.

(2) For this open VS studio and create a Report Extension object, as shown.

  • Create New Report Extension Object. In this example, the Currency Code field is added to Purchase Order Report, as shown.
New Report Extension Object created in VS Studio
  • After that type the code as per the below image.
New Fields add in Report Codeunit in D365 BC

(3) After doing the above step, publish the code and after publishing, the “Currency Code” field is visible in the layout.

(4) For Adding the field in the layout refer to this link, “How to Modify the Existing Report Layout in D365 BC“.

(5) Note: In the above example, the Currency code field is added under the “Purchase Header” data item. You can add fields as per the requirement and your report structure. This is just an example to show the way of adding new fields in the existing Report.

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