Error PTE0004- Package Validation Failed in BC D365 SAAS

Package Validation Failed in BC D365 SAAS:

(1) In this blog, we will get to know about the mandatory step while publishing your extension in the production environment of Business Central D365.

(2) If you develop new objects in the extension, you must do this step, otherwise Error PTE0004: Package Validation failed is pop up in the installation status, as shown below:

Error: “Package validation failed due to the following error(s): .vscode/Tables/ (1,13) – Error PTE0004: Table 50001 ‘Picking List Detail’ is missing a matching permission set. .vscode/Tables/ (1,13) – Error PTE0004: Table 50000 ‘Pre Purchase Information’ is missing a matching permission set. – Job Id : db9e71bc-4e1d-4ca6-aa4e-6fc6ed9c6c23”
Extension validity failed in d365 bc
Error PTE0004 Busienss Central

(3) Solution: Open the visual studio and type-

Ctrl+ P   “”
type in D365 BC

(4) After executing the above command, a new permission file is generated in the extension. After successfully generating the file, now your extension is ready to publish in the production environment. For publishing the extension in production refer to the link Publish an Extension in Production Environment of D365 BC SAAS Version” as shown. in D365 BC

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