Field Group (DropDown Controls) in D365 BC

DropDown Controls in D365 BC:

(1) A field group in table or table extension objects defines the fields to display in a drop-down control on pages that use the table.

(2) You can define field groups by first adding a “Fieldgroups” control, and then adding one or more field group (<Name>; <Field>) keyword for each group, where:

  • <Name>:  can be either DropDown, for adding fields to the drop-down control.
  • <Field> is a comma-separated list of the fields, by name, to include in the group.
  • Syntax: Add a New Field group in a Table, follow the below syntax.
fieldgroup(DropDown; Field1, Field2)
  • The below Image explains the syntax with actual values.
Field Group in D365 BC Code
  • View of DropDown by adding the Fieldgroup feature, as shown.
View of DropDown by adding Fieldgroup feature in D365 BC

(3) Things to Remember:

  • The fieldgroups keyword cannot be inserted before the key control.
  • The syntax for using a DropDown must be exactly DropDown with the right capitalization.
  • The server will remove the duplicates if multiple extensions attempt to add the same field more than once. A field can only be added to the field group once.
  • Adding a new fieldgroup to a table extension is not possible.

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