AL not found in VS Code Editor in D365 BC

AL not found in VS Code Editor in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will resolve the error “AL commands not found in VS Code editor”, as shown.

al not found in vs code editor

(2) For resolving the above issue, go to the “Extensions” and search “AL Language”, as shown.

Search AL Language Extension in Business Central

(3) After doing the above step, install the “AL Language” extension in VS code, as shown.

Install AL Language in BC D365

(4) After some time “AL Language” has been installed, as shown.

al language install in bc d365

(5) After installation is completed, then go to the “Command Palette” and Type “>AL” and VS code shows all AL related symbols, as shown (Note: This is mandatory for doing the development in AL language).

AL related symbols shown in bc d365

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