SchemaUpdateMode in AL in launch.json in D365 BC

SchemaUpdateMode in AL in launch.json:

Introduction: At the time of publishing the extension, in “launch.json”, there is setting “schemaUpdateMode”. By default value is “Synchronize” mode but they have two more settings, names are “Recreate” & “ForceSync”.

(1) Synchronize: This mode is used when we want to synchronize the data with each publish.

Synchronize mode in d365 bc

(2) Recreate: In this mode, all table and tables extensions are recreated and sample data in respective tables and its extensions are lost.

recreate mode in bc d365

(3) ForceSync: In this mode, you can change the schema of the tables and their extensions (eg. id of the field, name of the field, delete field).

ForceSync mode in bc d365

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