Auto Item Charge Line Creation and Assignment in Sales in D365 BC

Auto Item Charge Line Creation and Assignment in Sales in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog we will get to know about the new feature introduced by Microsoft, in the previous version we have to do item charge assignment manually. But in this latest version, the process of doing the item charge assignment is the same but Microsoft provides one field in the header level, and accordingly, the system creates and assigns item charge automatically. Let’s check this feature as below. Creation of Charge Group Master.

(2) After creating the Charge Group, open the Sales Order and use the field “Charge Group Code”. Note: If the field is not visible, make it visible by using a personalization or extension feature, as shown.

Charge Group Code

(3) After entering the Charge Group Code as above, now go to the line and select the option, as shown.

Explode Charge Group D365 bc

(4) After doing the above step, the system auto-creates an item charge line and assigns it to this document, as per the setup done in the Charge Group master as shown.

  • Press Yes.
press yes to insert charge group lines in d365 bc
  • Two Lines created, as shown.
Two lines created in d365 bc
  • Assignment done auto, as shown.
Assignment done auto in d365 bc
Edit Item Charge Assignment

(5) System creating two lines as per the Charge Group Master setup, as shown.

System creating two line as per the Charge Group Master setup

(6) Now post the document and check the effect in the entries.

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