How to Recover Deleted Database in D365 BC SAAS Version

Recover Deleted Database in BC D365 SAAS Version:

(1) In this blog we will get to know about the recovery feature in Business Central D365.

(2) For this open D365 BC, go to the settings and select Admin Center, as shown.

Business Central Admin Center

(3) After that, a new window opens. There are two environments, one is the production and the second is the sandbox. Now let’s delete the sandbox environment (Refer to this blog- How to Delete Environment in D365 BC SAAS), as shown.

d365 bc environments

(4) After deleting the environment, now click on the option “Recently Deleted Environments”, as shown.

Recently Deleted Environments in D365 BC

(5) After that, a new window opens and in that click the environment that you want to recover, as shown.

Recover environment in D365 BC

(6) Again, a new window opens, and select the option “Recover“, as shown.

Recover environment in Business Central

(7) Now pop window opens and presses Yes, as shown.

Recover environment in BC D365

(8) application start recovering the deleted environment, as shown.

Application recover deleted environment in d365 bc

(9) After a few minutes, the deleted environment has been restored and seen in the original environment list, as shown.

deleted environment has been restored in Business Central

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