How to Kill or Cancel Sessions in D365 BC of SAAS or Online Version

Kill or Cancel Sessions in D365 BC of SAAS or Online Version:

(1) In this article, we will learn about the “Session Kill” feature of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 online version. In the On-Prem version, the use of the session list page is the same as in an older version of this product.

Cancel Sessions in D365 BC of SAAS

(2) Now for killing or canceling a login session in SAAS or Online version, the user has the admin rights. Now open the “Admin Center” of Business Central D365, as shown.

Business Central Admin Center

(3) After that “Admin Center” portal opens, as shown.

select environment in business central

(4) Now Select the Environment from the list, the details screen of the environment opens, and press the “Session” button, as shown.

Select session in BC D365

(5) Now Session list opens and select the “Session Id” which you want to cancel or kill and press the “Cancel Session” button, as shown.

Select Cancel Session in D365 BC

(6) Confirmation message pops up, press “Yes”, as shown.

press yes to cancel user session in d365 bc

(7) After doing the above steps, the user session cancels or kill.

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