Auto creation of Item while entering Item Description in Sales Line in D365 BC

Auto creation of Item while entering Item Description in Sales Line:

(1) In this article, we discuss the auto-creation of Items while entering Item Description in No. field of Sales Line in Business Central D365. 

(2) For that go to the search bar and type “Sales & Receivables Setup”, as shown.

Search Sales & Receivables Setup in D365 BC

(3) After that, “Sales & Receivables Setup” open and in that setup, there is a field “Create Item from Item No.”, as shown.

create item from item no. field in d365 bc

(4) After that, enable that feature (Specifies if the system will suggest creating a new item when no item matches the number that you enter in the No. Field on sales lines.), as shown.

Enable Create Item from Item No.

(5) Now open the Sales Order document and enter the Item Description in No. field, as shown. The system asks for creating a new item or overlapping the existing item (if you want to replace the existing item, then you should check the transaction against that item. If a transaction was done, then the system restricts overlapping the existing item).

Create a new item card in D365 BC

(6) After doing the above step, the system asks for selecting No. series from the list, as shown.

select a template for a new item in D365 BC

(7) Select the no. series and press the OK button and the system create a new item as shown.

Edit item card in d365 bc

(8) Check Sales Order Line, as shown.

Check Sales Order Line in D365 bc

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