How to Attach and Download Files and Images in Documents in D365 BC

Attach and Download Files and Images in Documents in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will see how to upload or attach any type of files and images with particular documents and journals.

(2) Let’s take an example. Open the D365 BC and go to the search bar and type Posted Sales Invoice and open it (You can attach files and images with any type of documents and journals) as shown.

Find Posted Sales Invoices in search bar in d365 bc

(3) After selecting the “Posted Sales Invoice”, a list opens. For seeing or downloading and attaching the files and images, go to the Attachments section. There are 3 ways to attach & download files and images.

  • First in the “Posted Sales Invoices” → Factbox as shown.
Posted Sales Invoices factbox bc d365
  • Second in the “Posted Sales Invoice Card” → Factbox as shown.
Posted Sales Invoice Card fact box d365 bc
  • Third “Posted Sales Invoice Card” → Click “More Options” → Click “Related” → Click “Invoices” → Select “Attachments” as shown.
Seelct attachments in posted sales invoice card d65 bc

(4) After doing the above steps, the Attachments list opens. In that list, you will upload and download the files and images. For uploading or downloading attachments, click on the highlighted field as shown.

For Uploading Files:

  • Click on “Attach Files”.
click on attach files in d365 bc
  • After that, the system asks for choose files, as shown.
click on choose files in d365 bc
  • Now choose a file from the folder and click open, as shown.
Now choose a file from the folder and click open in d365 bc
  • After that, files have been uploaded, as shown.
flie has been uploaded in d365 bc
  • After uploading files, the system updates the no. of attachments fields, as shown.
number of attachments shown in bussiness central

For Downloading:

  • Click on the File or Press Download button, as shown.
click on download option to download file in d365 bc

(5) You can upload multiple files against particular documents and journals.

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