AL Control Statements in Business Central

AL Control Statements in Business Central:

(1) AL consist of one or more statements, which are executing the information from top-down order. They are divided into the following main group as below:

  • AL Compound Statement.
  • AL Conditional Statement.
  • AL Repetitive Statement.

(2) AL Compound Statement: It is defined as enclosing the statements between the “BEGIN & END”.

(3) AL Conditional Statement: It is defined to specify a condition & one or more commands to execute if the condition is evaluated as true or false. It is divided into two types:

  • IF-THEN-ELSE- for two choices.
  • CASE – more than two choices.

(4) AL Repetitive Statement: It may be defined as a loop statement. It has many ways to execute information in the table.

  • FOR: Repeats the inner statement until a counter variable equals the maximum or minimum value.
  • FOREACH: Repeats the inner statement for each statement in a List.
  • WHILE: Repeats the inner statement as long as the specified condition is true.
  • REPEAT: Repeats the inner statements until the specified conditions evaluate to true.

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