Types of String Function in Business Central D365

Types of String Function in Business Central D365:

(1) In this blog, we will get to know about the types of string functions in D365 BC. These functions are mainly used for getting or copying the value from the existing string.

(2) Type of String Functions:

  • CONVERTSTR Function (Code, Text) Converts some characters in a string.
  • COPYSTR Function (Code, Text) Copies a substring of any length from a specific position in a string (text or code) to a new string.
  • DELCHR Function (Code, Text)   Deletes one or more characters in a string.
  • DELSTR Function (Code, Text) Deletes a substring inside a string (text or code).
  • FORMAT Function (Code, Text) Formats a value into a string.
  • INCSTR Function (Code, Text) Increases a positive number or decreases a negative number inside a string by one.
  • INSSTR Function (Code, Text) Inserts a substring into a string.
  • LOWERCASE Function (Code, Text) Converts all letters in a string to lowercase.
  • MAXSTRLEN Function (Code, Text) Gets the maximum defined length of a string variable.
  • PADSTR Function (Code, Text) Changes the length of a string to a length that you define.
  • SELECTSTR Function (Code, Text) Retrieves a substring from a comma-separated string.
  • STRCHECKSUM Function (Code, Text) Calculates a checksum for a string that contains a number.
  • STRLEN Function (Code, Text) Gets the length of a string you define.
  • STRPOS Function (Code, Text) Searches for the first occurrence of a substring inside a string.
  • STRSUBSTNO Function (Code, Text) Replaces %1, %2, %3… and #1, #2, #3… fields in a string with the values you provide as optional parameters.
  • UPPERCASE Function (Code, Text) Converts all letters in a string to uppercase.

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