How to create a New Database in Dynamics 365 BC, Business Central

Create a New Database in Dynamics 365 BC:



  • Install SQL.
  • There are three SQL Server Edition available- Express, Standard, and Enterprise.
  • You can select SQL Server Edition as per your requirement of the business.
  • In this installation guide, I have installed the SQL Express edition of Basic type.
  • In SQL Express edition, only a 10GB database is available.
Sql Server Edition Basic


  • After SQL installation, Open SQL Server Management Studio as shown below.
Open SQL Server Management Studio


  • After that Select Server Name and press Connect button.
Select SQL Server Name


  • Now Right-click on Database and select option Restore Files and FilesGroup.
Restore files and filegroups


  • After you click on Restore Files and FilesGroups, a new window will open.
To database


  • After that enter the name of the Database in To database field and select option From Device and press Assist button, as shown below.
Database Name

Note: .bak file path in D365 BC setup

“Dynamics.365.BC.12076.W1.DVD\SQLDemoDatabase\CommonAppData\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\160\Database”

Bak File Path Business Central


  • After the above step, press on Add button.
Add button


  • Select .bak file from the path.
  • After it is selected, then press OK.
Select Bak File
Path Selected


  • Select Restore button and press OK.
restore option select


  • MyNewDatabse has been created with Cronous Database.
MyNewDatabase created


  • Open Business Central Administration.
  • Right-click on it and Run as administrator.
Open Business Central


  • Select the instance and enter the Database Name.
Enter Database Name

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  • After the above step. Restart the services.
Restart BC160 Services


  • Open Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the browser.
  • By default, CRONUS Company opens now using the below link for creating blank new companies in Business Central.

Click Here: How to Create New Companies in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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