How to create a New Instance in Dynamics 365 BC, Business Central

Create a New Instance in Dynamics 365 BC:


  • Open Business Central Administration.
  • Right-click on it and Run as administrator.
Open Business Central


  • Business Central Administration window will open as shown below.
Business Central Administration Opened


  • Right-click on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and click on Add Instance.
Add instance in Business Central


  • Server Instance pop up window will open as shown below.
Server Instance


  • In Server Instance, you will find Server Instance Settings and Service Account.
  • In Server Instance Settings, you have to specify the port number.
  • In Service Account, in the Account field, you will find two options Network Service and User Account.
  • If you select Network Service, your Instance will be created.
  • If you select User Account, you have to provide User Name, Domain, Password, Confirm Password to create the Instance.
Server Instance Settings


  • New Instance has been created, then specify the Database Name as shown.
Database Name Added For Instance


  • After the above step, start the service as shown below.
Start the Service

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