Creation Of Table In Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

Table Creation In Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC


  • Right Click on the .vscode and select New File.
create file


  • Enter the Name of the table as shown.
  • Note while naming the table .al extension is mandatory. 
table name


  • Type tt for creating a new table.
  • t” is the prefix for finding the objects in VS.
create table


  • After step 03, table structure has been created.  
table structure


  • In the above screenshot, the red underline is shown, this means that you have to specify the Id range of object while creating any object in the VS Code.
  • For specifying the id ranges, go to the app.json file and enter the object id range.
object id


  • After the step 5, go to the file and see the result.
see result


  • Enter the Field Id and Field Name and it’s type.
table field


  • If you scroll-down , you can define primary key and triggers.
define primary key

Learn more about Tables from the below link:

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