Development of Table through Wizard in AL D365 BC

Development of Table through Wizard in AL D365 BC:

(1) In this blog, we will see how to develop a Table by using the wizard in D365 BC. In the previous version, wizard functionality is available in C/Side Development. But in D365 BC, we need to install the “AL Formatter” extension. Note: For using this feature, the “AL Formatter” extension is mandatory.

(2) Follow this blog post “How to see All Objects in AL Environment Screen in D365 BC” for installing the “AL Formatter” extension.

(3) For developing the table through the wizard, Select“Microsoft_Base”, as shown.

Select Microsoft_Base Application

(4) After that Right-click and select the option “New AL File Wizard (AZ AL Dev Tools)”, as shown.

New AL File Wizard (AZ AL Dev Tools)

(5) After that, the “Wizard Type” window is open and from the list of wizard types, select “Table New AL Table Wizard”.

Table New AL Table Wizard in D365 BC

(6) After that, New Window is open, enter the related information and press the button “Next”, as shown (in the below image, I am creating the “Employee Salary Ledger Entry” table).

New Table Wizard in d365 bc

(7) After clicking on the finish button, we will see that the Table has been developed, as shown.

Table Create Through Wizard Codeunit 1
table create through wizard codeunit 2
table create through wizard codeunit 3

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