D365 BC Shows Error When Changes Made in Table Fields- Solved

D365 BC Shows Error When Changes Made in Table Fields:

(1) The system show error when we did changes in the Table fields like Delete, Change Data Type and Rename in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

(2) Error Message-

Microsoft (R) AL Compiler version
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved
Compilation started for project ‘TNSProjectExtension’ containing ’25’ files at ’18:26:34.515′.
e:\ABC Extensions\ABCProjectExtensions.vscode\Custom Object\ProjectBudgeting.Page.al(91,61): error
 AL0132: ‘Record “Sales Line”‘ does not contain a definition for ‘BudgetedMargin’
Compilation ended at ’18:26:35.597′.
Error: The package could not be created.
error when changes made in table field in d365

(3) For solving the above error. Define “schemaUpdateMode“: “ForceSync” in “launch.json” file. And publish the extension again. As shown below-

Define SchemaUpdateMode in Business Central

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