Deployed or Publish Extension in D365 BC Production Environment

Publish Extension in D365 BC Production Environment:

(1) In this blog, we will get to know about the deployment process in the D365 BC SAAS production environment. For this open VS editor and select the Extension from the folder which you want to deploy in the Production environment.

(2) After that Press Ctrl + P and select Al:Package, as shown.

slect al package bc d365

(3) After that, the system creates a .app file, as shown.

app file extension created in d365 bc

(4) Now open Business Central D365 and enter the “Extension Management” in the search bar, as shown.

search extension management in d365 bc

(5) Extension Management list opens, as shown.

Extension Management list opens in d365 bc

(6) Go to the “Manage” Upload Extension, as shown.

Upload extension in d365 bc

(7) New pop-up screen opens, Select the .app file from the folder, as shown.

select .app file in d365 bc

(8) After choosing the file. Enable the “Accept the privacy policy” button and then press the “Deploy” button, as shown.

Upload and deploy extension in d365 bc

(9) Now system starts deployment in the production environment, as shown.

extension deployed in production environment in d365 bc

(10) For checking the deployment status, follow the below steps:

  • Step-001:
click on deployment status in d365 bc
  • Step-002:
Extension Deployment Status in D365 BC

(11) After doing all the activities, refresh the extension management page, and find the deployed extension, as shown.

refresh the extension management page in d365 bc

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