Difference between CALCFIELDS and SETAUTOCALCFIELDS Function in D365 BC


In this blog, we will know about the difference between CALCFIELDS and SETAUTOCALCFIELDS function in D365 BC.

Syntax: [Ok :=] Record.CALCFIELDS(Field1, [Field2],…)Syntax: [OK :=] Record.SETAUTOCALCFIELDS([Field1,Field2, …])
Calculates the FlowFields in a record. You specify which fields to calculate by using parameters.Sets the FlowFields that you specify to be automatically calculated when the record is retrieved from the database.
The FlowFields or BLOB fields that you want to calculate or retrieve. Each field must belong to the same record variable.The FlowFields that you want to automatically calculate. Each field must be defined as a FlowField and must belong to the same record variable.
This feature is not available.To remove the automatic calculation setting on a field, you must call SETAUTOCALCFIELDS without parameters.
CALCFIELDS retrieves a record using the FIND Function (Record) and NEXT Function (Record).Call SETAUTOCALCFIELDS before you retrieve the records, then when you call FIND and NEXT.
CALCFIELDS function to retrieve binary large objects (BLOBs).This feature is not available.
Use system memory more while executing.Use system memory less while executing. So the performance of the system enhance.
This function is available in NAV 2009,..BC D365.This function is introduced in NAV 2013 version and so on.
CALCFIELDS creates a separate query for calculating values of flowfields.SETAUTOCALCFIELDS creates one query with auto joining with filters to get value from flowfields.
Image A: Refer for more info.Image B: Refer for more info.
Image A
Calculating Multiple Flow Fields- Calcfields
Image B
Calculating Multiple Flow Fields- SETAUTOCALCFIELDS

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