Make Lookup Field by using OnAssistEdit Trigger in D365 BC

Make Lookup Field by using OnAssistEdit Trigger:

(1) In this blog, we get to know about the “OnAssistEdit” trigger of the field on a page. By using this feature, try to make a lookup field.

(2) For this, one field is created in the Sales Header table and the same is shown in Sales Order Page via table and page extension (Create Table Extension and Create Page Extension).

(3) After creating the extension, now open the page extension and add the “OnAssistEdit” trigger and write code, as shown.

Code for OnAssistEdit Trigger in Business Central

(4) After doing the above step, publish the extension and open the Sales Order and see the Barcode Scanning field with the Assist button feature, as shown.

Barcode Scanning Field with Assist Button

(5) After pressing the button, a new entry page is open as shown.

OnAssistEdit Trigger Works in Business Central

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