Update Information in Posted Sales Invoice Document in D365 BC

Update Information in Posted Sales Invoice Document:

(1) In previous versions editing option was not available, so for that, we developed a page or form and then assign permission to that object because, in User License, Microsoft does not allow any modification in posted documents. Now in D365 BC Microsoft provides an option to edit information in Posted Sales Invoice Document. Note: You can also add more fields on that page by developing a new extension as per the business requirement.

(2) Now in this blog we will see that feature of editing Posted Sales Invoice Document. For that go to the search bar and type “Posted Sales Invoices” as shown.

Find Posted Sales Invoices in search bar in d365 bc

(3) After selecting the above option, Posted Sales Invoice list opens and go to the “Process” button and select the “Update Document” option, as shown.

select update document option in business central

(4) The above option is also in Posted Sales Invoice Card, as shown.

posted sales card also contain process option in d365

(5) After selecting the above option, a new page opens and edits the information and press “OK”, as shown.

Posted Sales Invoice New Page Opens in d365

(6) After doing the above steps, you will see the updated information, as shown.

Information Updated in Posted Sales Invoice Document in D365 BC

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