Why do we update NAV or Navision to Business Central D365

Why we update NAV or Navision to Business Central D365:

Why we update NAV or Navision to Business Central D365

(1) Support: We already know Microsoft policy regarding its product. So, if we do not upgrade the product from time to time, we will face support issues regarding products like Integration with the latest technologies, Updates according to the Govt. Laws, Improvement Patches etc.

(2) Features: In BC D365, features like Seamless integration with Microsoft products like Office 365, Teams, Azure, Power BI, Third-Party integration etc.

(3) Upgradation: In the previous version, the upgradation task is difficult because each object must be compared with the latest version object for transferring the customization. But in BC D365, Microsoft manages these tasks by introducing the extensions, which means if you do any customization in any base object, you make an extension of that object to achieve the results. So, when upgrading BC D365 to the latest version, you only introduce the extensions in the latest version, your BC D365 is upgraded.

(4) Unified Interface: Auto adjust screen size according to your device for better view. Pin feature add in BC D365 at the user level which keeps details on screen.

(5) App Store: In BC D365, an app store is available. You can choose apps from the app store and add in your BC D365 as per the requirement.

(6) Web Client: In previous versions, system configuration is good for running the application. But in BC D365, there is no installation required and nor system configuration, it runs on the browser. You need good internet speed only.

(7) Configuration Choice: BC D365 come in two models, one is on-premises and the second is SaaS (Software as a Service).

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