Creation and Posting of Item Reclassification Journal in D365 BC

Creation and Posting of Item Reclassification Journal:

(1) In this blog, we will see how to create and post an Item Reclassification Journal. Use item reclassification journals to transfer item inventory from one location to another location. Item Journal is mainly used for adjustment or transferring of Item inventory. Go to the search bar and type “Item Journal”, as shown.

Search Item Reclassification Journal in d365 bc

(2) After that, “Item Reclassification Journal” opens and enters the information. In the below screenshot, we entered items for transferring inventory from the old location to the new location as shown below.

Open Item Reclassification Journal in Business Central
Field NameField DescriptionImportance
Batch NameSpecifies the name of the journal batch.Mandatory
Posting DateSpecifies the entry’s posting date.Mandatory
Document No.Specifies a document number for the item journal line.Mandatory
Item No.Specifies the number of the item on the journal line.Mandatory
DescriptionSpecifies a description of the item on the journal line.Mandatory
Location CodeSpecifies the code for the inventory location where the item on the journal line will be registered.Mandatory
New Location CodeSpecifies the new location to link the items on this journal line.Mandatory
QuantitySpecifies the number of units of the item to be included on the journal line.Mandatory
Unit of Measure CodeSpecifies how each unit of the item or resource is measured, such as in pieces or hours. By default, the value in the Base Unit of Measure field on the item or resource card is inserted.Mandatory
Lot No. or Batch No.Specifies the tracking of item.Mandatory if Item Tracking is applicable in Item Master. For that go to the “Line” ”Item Tracking Lines”.
  • After entering, go to the “Post/Print” Post. Pop window open, Press “Yes”, as shown.
Go to post-print for Item Reclassification Journal
  • In the above entries, Item Tracking is applicable in Item No. “80218-T”. If item tracking is not assigned, then the system shows an error with detail of Item No. and Item Reclassification Journal Line while posting, as shown.
Assign lot number for Item Reclassification Journal
  • For resolving the above error, Select the Item and go to the option“Line” ”Item Tracking Lines”, as shown.
Go to item tracking lines in d365 bc
  • Note: If Inventory is not available in the present location, then the system shows an error of insufficient inventory. In the case of Item Tracking → While selecting Lot No., the system opens a blank lot information list. This means there is no inventory for that particular item in the old location.
have to report this issue

(3) After doing the above steps, Post the entries, as shown.

post the journal lines for Item Reclassification Journal

(4) Now go to the Item List and select the posted items and see the effect in the Item Ledger Entries. All the item-related transactions are available in Item Ledger Entries as shown.

Item ledger entries in d365 bc

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