Auto Vendor Payment Creation from Vendor Ledger Entries in D365 BC

Auto Vendor Payment Creation from Vendor Ledger Entries:

(1) In this blog, we will see auto Vendor Payment creation in “Payment Journal” from Vendor Ledger Entries. In this feature, the system provides a list of Purchase Invoices that are due. For that go to the search bar and type “Create Vendor Payments” and select, as shown.

Search Create Vendor Payments in Business Central

(2) A list of Vendor Invoices that are due for payment will open, as shown.

Vendor Ledger Entries Card D365 BC

(3) After that select the entries for payments and go to the option “Process” → “Create Payment”, as shown.

In vendor ledger entries select create payment in d365 bc

(4) After doing the above step, a pop window opens and fills in the information, as shown below.

Fill information in create payment card in d365 bc
  • Template Name: PAYMENT
  • Batch Name: Select the relevant Payment Journal Batch.
  • Posting Date: Enter the posting date.
  • Starting Document No.: This will be automatically populated based on the Payment Journal.
  • Bank Account: Select the Bank Account that you wish to pay out of.
  • Payment Type: Select the appropriate Bank Payment Type (E.g., Computer Cheque, Manual Cheque or Electronic Payment).
  • After that Click an OK button, as shown above.

(5) The Payment Journal line will be automatically created for the selected entry (you can select multiple entries for multiple payments in one go) as shown.

Payment Journal line will be automatically created in d365 bc

(6) To verify the application of these auto-created entries, go to the “Process” Apply Entries, as shown.

In Payment Journals select apply entries in d365 bc

(7) After selecting the above option, a new window opens and shows the applied entries as shown.

Apply Vendor Entries Card Open in D365 BC

(8) After verifying the entries, go to the “Post/Print” Post or Short Key is F9 and press “Yes” for posting the journal.

post the journal lines in d365 bc

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