Dimension Set Entries in D365 BC

Dimension Set Entries Overview, Importance and Function in D365 BC:

(1) In this blog we will get to know Dimension Set entries logics and its importance in D365 BC. This blog describes how dimension set entries are stored and posted in Microsoft D365 BC.

(2) Functional Overview of Dimension Set ID → It is a unique combination of a set of dimension values. It is stored in the “Dimension Set Entries” table, as shown.

Dimension Set Entries in Business Central

(3) While generating Dimension Set ID, the system checks the combination of dimension values in the Dimension Set Entries table, if a set of combinations is found, then assign this id to a document or journal. Otherwise generating a new id of this combination, as shown.

Dimension Set Entry in D365 BC

(4) Technical Overview of Dimension Set ID → Table ID of Dimension Set Entries is 480 and Codeunit 408, Dimension Management, is a function library that handles common tasks that are related to dimensions, such as copying from one table to another or from one document to another.

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