Timeline Feature of VS code for tracking changes of AL Objects

Timeline Feature of VS code for tracking changes of AL Objects:

(1) In this blog we will get to know about the Timeline feature of VS code for tracking changes of AL objects.

(2) This feature is by default enabled in VS Code. For this open Visual Studio Code, as shown.

open Visual Studio Code

(3) After that open your project and do the changes in the object as shown.

open project in vs code

(4) Now select the option “Timeline” and this feature gives the detail of the particular object, as shown.

select timeline in vs code

(5) After that select the file you want to compare with the present file and the system shows the comparison between the two files, as shown.

comparison between the two files in vs code

(6) In this way you can track the changes and if you want a previous change, you can take a reference with an old file.

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