How to Define Default Value for Type Field in Purchase Documents

Define Default Value for Type Field in Purchase Documents:

(1) In this blog, we will see how to set up the default value for the “Type” field in all purchase documents. This effect only shows when new purchase documents like Quote, Order & Invoice etc. are created.

(2) Go to the search bar and type “Purchases & Payables Setup”, as shown.

Purchases & Payables Setup search in d365 bc

(3) After that “Purchases & Payables Setup” page opens and sets up the “Type” field value from “Document Default Line Type”, as shown.

Business Central Document Default Line Type

(4) In “Document Default Line Type” there are options that are the same in Purchase Order, purchase Quote & Purchase Invoice, as shown.

  • Blank
  • G/L Account:
  • Item
  • Resource
  • Fixed Asset
  • Charge (Item)

According to the above options, the system by default gets values when a new purchase document creates. Note: This setup shows effect only in new documents when there is no line in the purchase document. If a line is there in the purchase document, then the system gets value according to the entered value of the purchase line.

Document Default Line Type Fields in D365 BC

(5) In this example, we set the value “Resource” and then see the effect in the purchase document as shown.

Document Default Line Type select Resource in bc d365

(6) After that, go to the search bar and enter “Purchase Orders”, as shown.

Search Purchase Orders in Business Central

(7) Then Purchase Order list opens and create new Purchase Order and see the effects in line when we create, as shown.

resource value effect in bc d365

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