Update or Upgrade Business Central D365 Version in SAAS

Upgrade Business Central D365 Version in SAAS:

(1) In this blog, we will get to know about the version update of BC D365 in the SAAS Environment. Updates of the base application and platform are managed by Microsoft. As an administrator or as a partner, you use the Business Central administration center to specify the timing of updates for each environment and who receives notifications of when an update is available.

(2) For this open the D365 BC Admin center, as shown.

Open D365 BC Admin Center

(3) After clicking on the “Admin Center”, a new window opens, as shown.

D365 BC Admin Center select sandbox

(4) Let’s take an example, Update or Upgrade the Sandbox Version. For that select the environment from the list which you want to update or upgrade. In this example, Sandbox Environment is selected for upgradation, click on the “Sandbox” and its detail window opens, as shown.

click on Update settings D365 BC

(5) After that, select the “Update Settings” option, as shown.

D365 BC Update Settings Options
Set update window: The update window is the time of day when updates may be applied to the environment. During the update, the environment will not be available. Ideally, the update window should occur outside working hours for the environment. The update window for an environment defines the hours during the day for the selected time zone in which the environment can be updated. It will be applied to an environment within the time frame that the update window defines. This timeslot now becomes the default window when updates will be applied to this environment. When the “Set update window” option is selected, then pop windows open and in that window, you can schedule the upgradation time & press the Save button, as shown.
Business Central Set Update Window

(6) Sometimes an environment can’t get the new update. For example, a per-tenant extension might conflict with the changes in the new version of the base application, as shown.

Update in Business Central

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