Create and Apply Template Feature in D365 BC in Masters

Create and Apply Template Feature in D365 BC:

This feature gives relaxation to end-user for entering the same data multiple times while creating masters (like Customer, Vendor, G/L Account etc.).

This feature gives the flexibility to save mandatory data which is required while doing transactions against masters.

In this feature, the system allows to create template according to the business standards.

Let’s take an example. While creating “Customer Master”, the system required some mandatory like “Gen. Bus. Posting Group”, “Vat Bus. Posting Group” or vice versa.

Suppose in your company there are three types of Customers.

  • Customer Domestic.
  • Customer EU.
  • Customer Foreign.

So in this case we will create three templates and assign values in that template which is common to masters.

For configuring, go to the Customer Master Card and select Action Button as shown below-

Go to the Customer Master Card and select Action Button

Then select the “Function button” as shown below-

in customer master card select Function button

The menu is open. As shown below-

menu appear in customer master card
  • Template- It gives list of existing template and gives option to create new template according to the requirement.
  • Apply Template- It is used for assigning template to the master, means values assign to the master data.

Suppose we have created a Domestic Customer. Then go to the “Apply Template” option and select the list “Customer Domestic”. So the system will auto-assign the defined values in the master.

auto assign the define values in the master

According to the above image, generally, these values are the same for all domestic customers. You can configure according to the requirement.

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