Strengths and Weakness of the Dynamics 365 Business Central

Strengths and Weakness of the Dynamics 365:


(1) Look & Feel- Business Central has a new and improved UX/UI in efforts to deliver a high-quality consumer-grade experience.
(2) LinkedIn Acquisition- Microsoft has a native connection between LinkedIn and CRM Sales providing all information on profiles directly into customer records.
(3) Integration with Microsoft’s Ecosystem of Solutions- Beyond LinkedIn, Microsoft is focusing on business applications like Microsoft Office, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, Cortana and more.


(1) Limited Reporting Dimensions- Business Central offers a limited number of reporting dimensions. This may limit/prevent specific detailed reporting capabilities.
(2) Manual Consolidation Across Subsidiaries- Since this platform is designed for small businesses this isn’t a focus of Business Central and requires manual consolidation.
(3) Required Integrations- With Dynamics 365 Business Central, a customer is required to deploy an integration layer to support the use of ERP and CRM together.
(4) No Revenue Recognition- Dynamics 365 Business Central doesn’t offer Revenue Recognition or Project Accounting. For companies that need rev rec or deep project accounting will need to look to add-on solutions or 3rd party PSA offerings.

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