How to Create Connection between Excel and SQL database

Create Connection between Excel and SQL database:

(1) In this blog, we will establish a connection between excel and SQL Database.

(2) Open the Excel sheet and select the “DATA” tab (System must have MS Excel) as shown.

open microsoft excel
in ms excel select the data tab

(3) After that select the option “From other Sources” and then select “From SQL Server” as shown.

in excel selct option from other sources and then select from sql server

(4) After selecting the above option, a new pop-up window opens. In the Server name field enter the SQL server name. In the log on credentials field, there are two options “Use Windows Authentication” and “Database Login”( Depending on the SQL Server Installation).

connect to database server

(5) After doing the above step, select Database from the drop-down list and then Select Table> Press the “Next” button as shown.

database connection wizard settings

(6) After doing the above step, a new window opens and press the “Finish” button as shown.

save data connection file and finish

(7) New window open, press ok, as shown.

import data tab

(8) After that, the connection has been created and data display on the excel sheet.

sql connection with excel created

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