C++ Language Syntax

C++ Language Syntax:

(1) C++ Language is designed by “Bjarne Stroustrup”.

(2) C++ Language is an object-oriented programming language.

(3) C++ Language gives a high level of control over system resources and memory.

(4) C++ Language is used in Operating systems, embedded systems etc.

(5) For learning C++ Language, first install the editor and compiler. For this refer to this blog “How to Install Code Blocks for C Language on Windows”. After this installation, you will be able to write C++ Language.

(6) For writing C++ Language, the following syntax is mandatory.

  • #include <iostream>: It is a header file library that used in Input & Output functions. It is mandatory while writing C++ Language.
  • Using namespace std: It can use names for objects & variables from the standard library. It is mandatory while writing C++ Language.
  • Int main(): All code execute inside the intmain() function. Syntax is int main() { Code }
  • Semicolon “;”: Each line is ended with “;”. 
  • Cout <<: It is used for print and output.
  • return 0: It is used for ending int main() function.

Sample C++ Language code:

Sample C++ Language Code
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main() {
cout<< “My first C++ Language code!”;
return 0;

(7) Note: File extension must be “.cpp”.

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