Identifiers in C++ Language

Identifiers in C++ Language:

(1) In C++ Language, Identifiers are nothing but variables. It is recommended to define variable names as unique and more descriptive. Like

  • int myInt → myInt is Identifier
  • double myDouble → myDouble is Identifier
  • char myChar → myChar is Identifier.
  • stringmyString → myString is Identifier
  • bool myBool → myBool is identifier

(2) Rules for defining Identifiers.

  • Identifiers can contain letters, numeric and underscore.
  • Identifiers are case sensitive.
  • Identifiers cannot contain space or special characters like !, @, $,^ ,* etc.
  • Identifiers must begin with Letter or Underscore.

(3) Example as shown.

C++ Language identifiers sample code

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