Cloud Comparison List Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle

Cloud Comparison List Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle:

In this blog, we will compare the different companies’ clouds, refer to the Comparison below.

1Virtual MachineElastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Compute EngineVirtual Machine
2Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)Google Kubernetes Service (GKS)Oracle Container Engine
3Azure FunctionLambdaCloud FunctionsOCI Functions
4Blob StorageSimple Storage ServiceCloud StorageObject Storage
5Managed DiskElastic Block StorePersistent DiskPersistent Volume
6File StorageElastic File SystemFile StoreFile Storage
7Synapse AnalyticsRedshiftBig QueryAutonomous Data Warehouse
8Cosmos DBDynamo DBFire Realtime DatabaseNo SQL Database
9SQL DatabaseRDSCloud SQLATP
10HDInsightElastic Map ReduceDataprocBig Data
111Web Application FirewallWeb Application FirewallCloud ArmorWeb Application Firewall
12DNSRoute 53Cloud DNSDNS
13Load BalancerElastic Load BalancingCloud Load BalancingLoad Balancer
14Data FactoryGlueData FusionData Integration
15Streaming AnalyticsKinesisDataflowStreaming
16Event GridEvent BridgeEvent ArcEvents
17Storage QueuesSimple Queuing ServicePub/SubStreaming
18Service BusSimple Notification ServiceFirebase Cloud MessagingNotification
19MonitorCloud WatchCloud MonitoringMonitoring
20Active DirectoryIAMCloud IdentityIAM
21Key VaultKMSCloud KMSVault
22Machine LearningSage MakerVertex AIData Science

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