How to Define Default Value for Posting Date Field in Sales Documents

Define Default Value for Posting Date Field in Sales Documents:

(1) In this blog, we will see how to set up the default value for the “Posting Date” field in all sales documents. This effect only shows when new sales documents like Quote, Order and Invoice are created.

(2) Go to the search bar and type “Sales & Receivables Setup”, as shown.

Search Sales & Receivables Setup in D365 BC

(3) After that “Sales & Receivables Setup” page opens and sets up the “Posting Date” field value from “Default Posting Date”, as shown.

Default Posting Date in BC D365 in Sales set up

(4) In “Default Posting Date” there are two options, as shown.

  • Work Date.
  • No Date.

According to the above options, the system by default set values when a new sales document creates. Note: This setup shows effect only in new documents creation.

Default Posting Date Values for sales in business central

(5) In this example, we set the value “Work Date” and then see the effect in the sales document as shown.

Set Default Posting Date Value to Work Date in Business Central for sales

(6) After that, go to the search bar and enter “Sales Orders”, as shown.

search Sales Orders in search bar dynamics 365

(7) Then the Sales Order list opens and create new Sales Order and see that value in the “Posting Date” field according to the above setup, as shown. (If you want a blank date in the “Posting Date” field then set the “No Date” option in the “Default Posting Date” field in “Sales & Receivables Setup”).

Set Default Value for Posting Date Field in Sales Documents in BC D365

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