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Tag: Link Main Page and Subform Page in Dynamics 365 BC

How to Link Main Page and Subform Page in d365 BC

Link Main Page and Subform Page in d365 BC: (1) For linking the subform page in the main page, the below syntax is used. Syntax: Part(PageCaption ; SourcePage) (2) For example- Adding “Sales BOQ” page in Sales Order page before Sales Order Line page. Source Code: pageextension 50002 SalesOrderFormExt extends “Sales Order”{    layout    {                addbefore(SalesLines)        {            part(SalesLinesBOQ; “Sales BOQ Subform”)            {                ApplicationArea = Basic, Suite;                SubPageLink = DocumentType = FIELD(“Document Type”),DocumentNo= FIELD(“No.”);                UpdatePropagation = Both;            }        }    } Comparison between D365 BC and SAP B1How to Call …